End of tenancy cleaning tips from the professionals

Unless you have been cleaning houses at the end of tenancy for a living, you are going to feel like a fish out of water cleaning your own premises. Since you have never done it before, it surely must sound like rocket science. The most convincing assurance you could get that you will do a great job is to get guidance from a real professional. Everyone must agree that end of tenancy cleaning is hard work because it is. If you are looking to get your full deposit back from the landlord, you better follow the following advice;

Start before you vacate

While the term ‘end of tenancy cleaning’ gives the impression that cleaning should start after the tenant exits, starting early simplifies the entire process. Wait to start cleaning a week before leaving the property and clean areas which will not be made dirty from moving.

Acknowledge the amount of work involved

You have definitely been doing domestic chores and these form a solid base for understanding how tired one feels after such levels of physical exertion. Imagine this; one cleaning gig will last a week if handled by one person working 3 or 4 hours every day. If you hire a professional end of cleaning service London, a team of about 6 will be sent to exhaust your tenancy exit checklist.to qualify for a deposit refund. Having an idea of how much time you expect to spend on a task plus the amount of work you will be required to do, prepares you psychologically for what lies ahead.

Refer to your landlord’s checklist every time you can

Remember that this end of tenancy London cleanup is not for you; you are working for the landlord and thus everything you do must be a reflection of what they want. Do you have a checklist of the areas in the house where the landlord will be inspecting? This makes it easy for you because you can work with a plan in mind. This is especially true for an instance when you feel like cleaning time is running out. Dividing this checklist into tiny bits of tasks that you can accomplish with little time will help to keep your focus on track.

Even though you have decided to take on the task of end of tenancy cleaning by the horns, you can still seek help. It could be in the form of physical help to help you cover more ground faster or consultation on the best cleaning techniques to clean certain areas.